Monday, February 11, 2008

New Life in Sheridan

It's a little hard to see but this truck says "GOT-R-DONE" on the back. Ha ha. Big trucks and cowboys are the local wildlife.

The sunsets here are beautiful. I look forward to them every night. I haven't woken up early enough to see a sun rise (College kids have really bad sleeping habits!) but I'm sure they are just as pretty.

It is so Cold Here! This was the first snowfall of the year!


Tamie said...

YEAH RACHAEL! you've joined us, i am so very glad! i sure wish that it was easier than not to get up to sheridan to see you...
one of my roommates from ricks married a guy from sheridan...little town, eh?
how is college life treating you? such fun you are having. sigh....all those memories for me. just enjoy and record them, these will be some of the best times of your life-they were for me.
love you!!!

weave said...

Tamie! I'm proud to join the ranks! I's so much fun to blog. And i wish Sheridan was easier to get to more than anybody. College is good- more fun than i thought! I'm majoring in an Associate of Fine Arts degree and loving every second of it. The only down side is that there aren't enough good-looking LDS guys up here! Yours and Aubrey's bloggs are so cool I love seeing what's going on in your lives. If you have any good tips for a brand new blogger please send them my way. Love you tons!

I watch this when I want to laugh