Saturday, February 16, 2008

What A Week

Today is Sunday and I was just thinking about what a great week it was. Monday night for Family Home Evening we had what the Branch likes to call "marshmallow wars!" We all got to make our own marshmallow guns (PVC pipes) and decorate them. Then we invaded the gym, which looked more like a battlefield! We used tables, chairs, chalkboards, and even the piano to hide behind.

Tuesday was... not the greatest, I completely failed my Art History test! I have trouble remembering names and dates. Unfortunately that's it what you have to do to pass the class. It is way interesting learning about all beautiful art work from way back when. My favorite piece so far is called "Nike of Samothrace." It is a statue honoring Nike the goddess of victory. When the Greeks first built her, she was placed overlooking the sea on the cliffs of the coastline. It is so magical the way she seems to blow in the wind. I also got an email from my aunt Pam who has just finished writing a children's book and she asked me to do the illustrations for it! I can't wait and I'm so flattered that she asked me!

All of Wednesday was spent finishing an English paper that was due, you guessed it, on Thursday! 6 pages on the Sha
kespeare play Othello! I'm ashamed to admit that I skipped my first class ever to get it done! ha ha But don't think I am a complete procrastinator! I had been thinking about it for two weeks, coming up with an outline and getting the basic things done. I just needed to add the finishing touches!

Thursday I got to sleep in! Yahoo! And after a grueling workout, (the volleyball team has started practicing again) my English teacher caught up with me and told me that I did very well on my paper! Haha- so it was worth skipping class after all.

Friday was a monumental Day because we finally took our garbage out! What a relief. It was starting to pile up. My roommate's mother also sent her some new movies! We have 38 all together!

On Saturday a few of us drove to Casper to watch the girl's and boy's basketball teams play the T-birds. We also did a little shopping! Mom you would be so proud of the awesome deals I found! After that we stopped
in a little coffee shop where one of my friends works and this saying is written up on the wall!

(Mom make sure dad sees this It made my day!) This little shop, "Java Moon," has the best toasted sandwiches I have ever had!


aubrey said...

i want to see some of your illustrations! sorry about your art history test, but i'm glad you are enjoying the art regardless of the pointless task of memorizing dates and whatnot. enjoying it is what's most important anyway, in my opinion. and hooray for taking the trash out!

Tamie said...

i'm sure that your FHE was great. i think that this summer, we'll need to have a marshmallow war at the reunion. now THAT would be fun!
i want to see some of your illustrations when you get them done. i had no idea that you were an artist...totally awesome!

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