Sunday, March 2, 2008

runs in the family

Today was a wonderful day! I always love Sundays. We had Stake Conference and the whole room was filled. There were even a few in the back on the stage! This was unique to see because our branch has only 25 people who come regularly! Then we had a young adult fireside. Can you guess the topic? Marriage! Sister Beck did a great job. So later I was listening to my church music on my itunes, and the song Consider the Lillies came on. I was singing along to it and I sang, "He feeds the lambs in the sky." Ha ha ha. It reminded me of the time my awesome cousin Mike was singing in sacrament meeting and he sang those exact same words! No one noticed except me and my parents but we laughed so hard! So Mike you have left a huge impression on my mind! I love the Mike and Tami Weaver family!


Tamie said...

i love that song! i got to sing it with a women's choir for ward conferences (in a stake choir) and i loved it every time we cang it...i can't wait for july!

Taylor Weaver said...

Sunday's are indeed the greatest. It's the one day of the week when you have every reason to do absolutely nothing. The only responsibility you have is your calling, but even that usually ends when church lets out. It's the one day when I can be completely slothful without having to feel guilty about it, haha.

aubrey said...
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I watch this when I want to laugh