Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Getting Married!

Yes it is true! I have been told by my most loving cousin, Traci, that I'm slacking! Slacking in that I have not provided ample pictures and cute stories about my new and true love! ha ha Two problems:

Problem 1: I don't have my ring. I accidentally told Ross that my finger was a size 8. We quickly decided that was not the case after he proposed and it didn't fit! So we had to get it re-sized from an 8 to a 6 1/2. For any one out there who has a serious boyfriend-it might be a good idea to check the size of you ring finger! Just in case. :)

Problem 2: I am ashamed to admit that I don't have any good pictures of me and Ross. I'm really waiting until we get some cute ones together so I can show you all the love of my life!

But I won't leave you in suspense I will tell you how he proposed:

On Saturday the 17th of January, I made the horrific drive from Logan, UT, to Sheridan, WY. I was so tired, but Ross promised that we would go get Chinese food. (I have a weakness for orange chicken!) He was so cute when he saw me! I've never been hugged so tight in my whole life. Anyway...we got all my luggage up to my dorm and he picked up the food. After I was stuffed to the brim with fried rice and orange chicken, he handed me two fortune cookies. I was so excited- not because I thought he was going to propose, truthfully I had no idea, but that we both got two fortunes cookies! I was always resentful that they never give more than one cookie. so I open my first cookie and my gorgeous white gold, princess cut diamond ring fall out! haha oh I was so happy! Ross later told my that I opened them in the wrong order, because the other cookie had will you marry me written on the fortune. That cutie he took the time to hold the cookies over steam until they got soft and then put them back together with the goodies inside!

When my dad asked my mom to marry him, he asked her before their meal was over. My mom was too full of energy to eat the rest of her lunch. So my smart father who loves food got two meals that day! I just want to thank Ross for letting me, my father's daughter, to finish my meal first! haha

So that is how it happened...and a little kissing, but I won't tell you about that!


aubrey said...

oh my gosh..that is the sweetest story. i am so so happy for you guys!! have you decided on a date? i know it's only been a week or so, but know i would LOVE to be there for your wedding! and i am waiting in suspense for pictures..of you guys and of the RING. woohoo!!

Traci said...

Oh so so cute!!! I bet he was so excited, and you too of course! What a clever idea too.... it must have taken him a while to actually get the ring in there!
I'm so excited for you guys! :)
(and I'm sorry for using the slacker word, but it was true at the time :) now you just need some pictures!)
Love ya rach!

Heather said...

RACHAELLLLL You're getting MARRIED!! What a cute proposal! I'm SO excited for you :-) Congrats again!!

Tamie said...

yippie! still so bummed that we didn't get to meet him at thanksgiving.....someday soon though! :)

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Kristy Lou said...

Congratulations cous! We love the inside scoop on romantic cute stories like yours! Keep them comin'

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