Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The World of photography!

I am currently taking a digital photography class, which I love, and today I was led to an inspiring blog! It is called Stuck in Customs: unique photography for unique people. This page is a whole feast for you eyes. I'm really jealous of this photographer because is seems like all he does is travel the world taking great pictures! I'm luck if I even get out of my dorm room on weekends. ha ha
If you have time check this blog out!
Today in class we discussed how digital photography has blown traditional methods out of the water. We talked about how frustrated photographers who use film must be when a rooky who doesn't know what aperture means comes up with amazing photos using a digital camera. Advances in technology have made things easy for all of us, but when do we go too far? Will art and particularly photography start losing its value? An even harder question is What am I going to do for my wedding photos? Yikes!

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