Monday, May 4, 2009

In Five more days I will be know as Rachael Weaver Workman! My name will be really fun to say with a lisp! Time is moving by too fast!


Kristy Lou said...

That photo is amazing. I love the colors. It looks good on your announcement, but better in full. So excited for you and Ross!!!

Tamie said...

ah the excitment of the new last name :)
i'm really bummed, but i can't come this weekend. with it being mother's day and me the primary chorister---well, put two and two together and i'm a little indispensable this weeked (and add to that a primary activity with mom's invited AND the kids singing there)
i will anxiously be awaiting pictures of everything and your dress and sigh.....i'll be thinking of you!

Julianne said...

Congratulations, Rachael and Ross! I'm so sad that we were the only Dave and Jeanette Weaver kids that didn't show up. Boo on us, but from what we hear, everything was beautiful. I hope you guys are having alot of fun.

I watch this when I want to laugh