Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love being married!!! The wedding was awesome. I have never felt more loved in all my life! It is so special to me. Now I have 4 sisters! I have always wanted a sister and now I have four. That day seemed to glide by like a dream, everything was wonderful. I wish I had pictures to show you all.

After the honeymoon, which was fabulous by the way, we made the 21 hour trip to Grapevine TX. We moved what little we had into our new apartment. It felt so weird to actually have a have a place of our own. We stocked up the fridge first thing, it's still not very full after three trips to walmart! In our apartment we have a nice kitchen, a dining table, a comfy cuddle couch, a matching chair, our little tv and a Clock that I managed to hang on the wall with one of my bobby pins! We also have a bedroom and bathroom and the best part of all is that we have a walk in closet! I could have brought more clothes. haha I love having Ross to share all of this with. he is so great. I'm lucky that I found this handsome hunk of a guy!

One thing that we forgot to bring with us was toilet paper! ha ha Ross ended up on the toilet with out any before we realized we had overlooked that little detail. Good thing I kept some extra napkins from arbies!


Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Congratulations Rachael!
We're sorry we couldn't be there for your wedding (or even to meet your husband), but we'll catch up someday.
Good luck this summer in Texas.

Love you,

Dennis and Amber
...and Emma and Will

weave said...

DENIS AND AMBER!!! wow I miss you all so much! it's good to hear from you. how is life treating you?

Tamie said...

you are soooooo cute!!!!!! (and such a newlywed----good thing here!)
that was seriously the cutest post ever! all the new is awesome, i will agree. and when you know that you've found the person that is your "other half" so to say.; life is just rich and wonderful----even if you run out of TP :)

Rob and Amy Weaver Clan said...

Hey Rachel and Ross, congrats again, it was so fun to see you guys and your families. Hey, you'll never guess what. Erin Cudney is here in Nampa and she works for me everyonce in a while. Cool connection huh. She says hi.

weave said...

So you are Erin's Boss! crazy!

I watch this when I want to laugh