Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures That I Promised

For everyone who couldn't be there, I have finally got around to putting some pictures on my blog! I hope you feel like you were there in spirit!

Yeah! We are Married!

I was really happy about it!
I was a great day. Lots of special moments that I want to share with all of you!

I know...kissing pictures are always so cute.
But Pay close attention to Ross's family in the background!

Here is the whole crew all together!
I have never felt so loved in my life!

Ben hates pictures...and his bowtie!
I think we look sharp.

And my brand new family!
I love them all!
And check out the group of tough guys up front!

Jamie my beautiful Bride's Maid!
Thanks again Jamie-I love you!

The tulips were beautiful!

The families never got to see the ring ceremony but I promise we did it!

This was our delicious cake!
Yes-the strawberries are dripping-but hey it's the taste that matters.

Ross's Mom and Grandma did an awesome job of decorating!

Ross's little cousin was a little suspicious of the camera guy!

Like she was wondering why he was following her.
It's because she is so stinkin' cute!

This is Braden-The Best Man!
We thought the bubbles in the background helps him pull off his tough guy look.

This is Ross having second thoughts about marrying Me!

Ha ha--Just kidding!

We talked about not stuffing cake in each others faces....

But some how that didn't work out!

I had to have another piece because it was so good!

My cousin Hope ended up with the boque!
I think Caleb was a little jealous.

And to prove how good that cake actually was...

Wayln loved it!

Jamie loved it...

And Caleb couldn't wait to get another piece!

Thank you to every one who help that day to be absolutely perfect! Especially you Mom! And a big thanks goes out to all the Men on the grill! The food was great!


The McLaughlin's said...

Hey Ross & Rachel! I love the two look absolutely amazing! Hope all is well in Texas...we sure miss hanging out with you guys! Take care!

Christy said...

What a fun post! You are so cute Rachael! Congratulations again. Kaitlyn mourned your marriage as we drove away from the open house. She was sniffling that she didn't get to say goodbye, and she didn't want to say goodbye, etc. Hope you are enjoying Texas :)

Tamie said...

AH!!!!! lovin' ALL those pictures...looks like it was just too much fun! glad that you enjoyed it. for me: that is the most important part of your wedding--actually enjoying it and having fun!
awesome pictures!

Julianne said...

YEAHHHH Rachael!! ConGRATS! We're really happy for you and Ross. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Weaver family. I love your face in the 2nd picture -- like, "YEAH! I'm married!" Terrific.

Christy said...

Hey Rachael, I just saw your picture on the Sheridan College web page- you are famous :)

Anonymous said...

Rachael! I found your blog! Your wedding looked simply amazing! I'm glad it was so awesome. I just love married life, don't you? Hey, if you want to see our blog and some pictures of our new little one, just shoot me an email at

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