Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lunch Time

Ross and I have three places that we can eat for lunch: The school cafeteria, the Cafe, or Ross's house. Yesterday we ate at the cafeteria and yet again we debated where to sit. I was staling over by the soda fountain so that he would be the one to pick somewhere to sit! I'm hopelessly indecisive. And this is one of the things that I love about Ross the most: He went and sat down with a new foreign student from Japan. He is never afraid to go and meet new people! We had a great time talking with our new friend, Kazuki. After lunch we all decided to go bowling together one weekend! I feel bad for Kazuki because he says that there isn't much to do here, and who can blame him! I felt the same way about Sheridan, Wyoming when I first came here too! Maybe we can help him have some fun this semester! Here's to new friends!


Tamie said...

well it sounds like ross is a real winnder there rach :)
what a nice fella to go and talk with a new person....hopefully you'll be able to make a new friend out of Mr. K from Japan

Kayc said...

Haha, don't we all feel like that when we first come to Sheridan?

I watch this when I want to laugh