Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ross has been gone all day. I feel a little bit pathetic for missing him so much. :) I mean, it is possible for me to spend one day apart from him...barely. I am also jealous of him because he is off having fun, and I have nothing to do but think about what he is doing, and wonder if, for one precious moment, he might be thinking about me too. So here I sit, tap, tap, taping my feelings into this computer, waiting for that rap at the door where my hunny, Ross, will be standing.

I took some time tonight to go through and glance at everyone's blogs. I enjoyed reading all the Valentine's posts. It is amazing to think about how much love there is in the world. Not only love for that special someone, but for mothers and children and friends. I am so blessed to have so many people to love, and so many who love me. I think I will go and hug everyone I see tomorrow.

This Valentines day was a funny one. Ross took me out to Wendy's. haha Here we are engaged and neither one of us did anything special. I hope this isn't the start of a trend.


Kayc said...
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Kayc said...

You better not let that be a trend!

aubrey said...

so where did he go and leave you all by your lonesome?

weave said...

He went to Salt Lake to be trained for his summer job selling security systems. He got to spend the whole day with marc and rem. They went to a Jazz game and ate at really nice restaurants! I was jealous.

Traci said...

Oh Rachy! If it makes you feel any better I too spent the day all alone.... however, for some odd reason, I didn't miss Rem nearly as much as you probably missed Ross :) Enjoy your young love! Once a child comes it changes everything!

From what I heard it seems like Ross had a good time, Rem's impressed with him and is looking forward to the summer! (so am I!)

Also cute pictures! I like the one of you guys jumping- how fun! And that's about how we were with our pictures too.... nothing cute or warm comes out of winter shots! :)

Wow, this is getting long.... Sorry! When are you coming back into town again??? Also what are your plans for the fall??? USU??? :) :) Love ya!

aubrey said...

when are you guys getting married..have you set a date?

and where will he be selling security systems this summer?

weave said...

May 9th!!! I am so happy! I will for sure send you an announcement! I know how much you love pictures! is there any way you can make it to the wedding?

aubrey said...

oh man, i would LOVE love love to be at your wedding. but my due date is april i'm not sure i'll be making a road trip so shortly after the baby is born. drat, girl. you know i would be there in a heartbeat. i am sad to think i will miss it. :(

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