Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding II

We finally got our engagement pictures taken! yahoo. I have learned that maybe getting married in the late summer would be the best time for engagement photos; there is better scenery, better lighting, and a better temperature in the spring than in the dead of winter. I don't remember ever being so cold as I was on this day.
I clung to that blanket all day! We still had fun though. We always do. Next step is to get the announcement done! It's funny...ross is so picky about what pictures we are going to use! I'm supposed to be the picky one.


aubrey said...

so cute! that pic of you guys in the blanket is so so sweet. i can't wait to get my announcement.

Kristy Lou said...

very cool. and it pays to be picky. Just not that picky.

Tamie said...

you guys are just so cute! i am so excited for you (actually getting a litte weepy here while i'm typing!) --- wish that we were closer to share in your excitement a little bit more. you rock! (and so does ross, even though i don't know him yet....)

Tamie said...

oh, and i agree with kristy: be picky. in fact if you're going to spend money on anything for your wedding, make sure that it is for your picutres. that is the one thing that lasts out of the whole day(s)--you want those to be good memories not something that you don't want to look at b/c you hate your pictures (talk to aubrey about that one)
just my little advice for you :)

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